What do Chiropractors do?

Vitality Chiropractic provides a drug-free, non-surgical healthcare approach to maximise your body’s natural ability to heal. Utilising orthopaedic tests, you will receive a careful and thorough examination of the muscles, bones and joints that support your body (the musculoskeletal system). If appropriate, we will perform neurological tests on the nerve supply to the muscles throughout your body. This will provide feedback on your balance, co-ordination and muscle strength.

We will treat you with a variety of techniques tailored to your particular needs. In the short-term, we will treat your symptoms and provide pain relief, including advice on appropriate self-help remedial action. However, most of us are seeking a more long-term solution.

Therefore, Vitality Chiropractic aims to address the root of your problem by developing a preventative plan of action. This may include providing you with information on dietary and lifestyle changes in conjunction with undergoing a rehabilitative assessment. This involves an assessment of your gait, posture, movement patterns and muscle activation during specific activities. From those results, a personalised exercise regime is created to improve your performance in a sport or just everyday activities at home or work.